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12/06/2014 14:15

VLE 'Code of Conduct' for pupil use

Before you can use the VLE you are asked to read this Code of Conduct and agree to the following statements:

I will not write anything which offends or causes distress to another person

I will not copy someone else's work or pretend I am someone else

I will not share my username and password with anyone else

I will tell a teacher if I read or view something which is inappropriate

I will not share any personal details such as my home address, phone number or e-mail address

I will respect other people's opinions and beliefs, and use the VLE responsibly

I understand that by logging on to the VLE I am agreeing to this code of conduct and the schools Acceptable Use Policy when using the VLE

I understand that if I break this agreement my right to use the VLE may be withdrawn

18/02/2011 14:32

Notice to parents

Access to the Internet through the VLE is not filtered for inappropriate images or content as it is in school. E-safety guidance recommends that children are not left to access the internet unsupervised.

The CEOP (Child Exploitation & Online Protection centre) site offers guidance on the safe use of the internet and other e-safety issues

02/02/2011 19:53

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